Building Teams Having Strength in Diversity


Success Building Diverse Teams Through Systematic Unbiased Talent Sourcing

Our approach to talent acquisition is consistent, delivers diverse talent pipelines and positions you to successfully build high performing teams.

Greater Performance, Together

Diverse teams form more comprehensive views of the world and lead organizations to higher levels of growth and understanding. Organizations with broader perspective and diversity of experience consistently outperform their competitors. Increased awareness and engagement are key to facilitation of creative thinking. Engagement with new communities in the world lead people to make better decisions and move towards more innovative ways of thinking and acting. It also leads towards more effective use of resources. In general, organizations have higher levels of performance through creating more inclusive environments and engaging more diverse ideas into processes.

Our Commitment

Willard Powell is committed to building a better world by helping you build a diverse and inclusive team. We start by developing our team and empowering them to make a positive impact on the world. The Willard Powell team works with client talent acquisition teams and hiring managers to build diverse talent pipelines by taking a systematic and unbiased approach to talent research. We identify candidates that exhibit your unique priorities for specialization and functional role alignment. We build talent pipelines with the most qualified candidates and having greatest level of diversity. We screen for cultural fit, global perspective and experience building diverse teams.

Each One Teach One

Our world has a history that should not be forgotten and we are committed to learning from mistakes made in the past. We trust and learn from our clients and partner to create caring and inclusive environments that align with candidate capabilities and goals. We advise on improving diversity and inclusion by working together to determine diversity strategies, provide open feedback, train on inclusive culture development, implement unbiased talent acquisition processes, set interview guidelines that ensure consistency in candidate assessments, and in hiring diverse teams.

Machine Bias

Computer assisted decisioning is increasingly part of our lives. This provides us greater levels of efficiency in our work and more time to focus on how we can build meaningful relationships and care for each other. Use of automation can position us to take more systematic approaches and remove bias from process, but we also recognize that human perspective and biases are encoded in machines. For example, human biases have been identified in artificial intelligence algorithms used for talent acquisition and performance management. As a society, we have a responsibility to recognize that innovation can and should lead us towards building a more inclusive world, but should be controlled by what makes us distinctly human, our compassion for others.

Diverse Perspective

As an organization and society, we can only succeed if we make sure that we understand the wider world around us. Social structures are changing at increasing pace. We seek new perspectives from trusted advisors. Willard Powell has a diverse network of clients and executives who advise us on important emerging gender, nationality and cultural issues. In particular, we seek perspective from executive advisors with a “maternal” view on how the world, who can inspire others to better care for everyone. The African proverb “it takes a village,” can be applied in professional communities.

Inspiring Everyone

Every small change has an incredible impact on the way society evolves, thinks and cares for everyone. Firms that are committed to creating more inclusive environments, become well integrated across the organization. Positive change comes from a clear focus from inspirational leaders that are committed to cultural transformation. Building inclusive culture starts with finding leaders that inspire your team members to improve themselves, take greater responsibility for their team members and the larger community around them.

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